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Enroll in a 10 week course which will provide basic fundamentals of the law to be used as tools to help begin developing strategies to fix a community problem. Through the process of learning law participants will: 

  • gain basic understanding of our legal, political and justice systems. 
  • increase their ability to identify issues and connect them to realistic solutions and opportunities. 
  • understand realistic limitations and policies. 
  • fosters effective advocacy, broaden perspectives that lead to civil resolutions verses civil unrest. 
  •  apply problem solving skills and scientific method to social justice issues. 

This program is not intended to solve critical issues of our times per se but rather help develop a firm strategic foundation for such change through understanding the role of civic engagement.
Engagement in this program provides you  with opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge, increase responsibility and accountability - all while contributing to the good of their communities.  The goal is to help you  start putting plans into place and bring to fruition ideas.

Cost: $200/ Participant
Max Enrollment: 20 Participants

Do You Want to Make a Difference?

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Application Process

Go to https://noncredit.temple.edu/pascep


Civil-minded individuals 
who are passionate about civil service,
public interest and other socially-impactful work.

Important Dates & Deadlines

Application Process opens: Sept. 1,  2017
Application Process closes: Oct. 10,  2017