About Us

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Legal Empowerment Group

"L.E.G." is a social entrepreneurial law firm, empowering lower-to-middle income individuals through legal education, consultation and representation.

Empowering You

Our goal is to empower individuals with knowledge of the law and the legal process that those persons become impassioned to participate in the political process. We want to see a critical mass of average citizens, who are well-informed, exercising their voices.

Our Mission

Our vision is to make society and the world better by equipping individuals with the tools to recognize their value and role in society. We envision a society where there is "justice for all." We see education, mentoring, and access to resources as the means to such.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the traditional practice of law is only one side of the scale of justice, and the other is the participation of all citizens.

Our Roots

I dreamed up L.E.G. during law school when I saw a correlation between those most negatively affected by our laws and those individuals' lack of involvement or knowledge about the law. As I listened to the discourse among classmates on democracy and equality, I was disturbed by the idea of leaving justice to the political process without more Americans being involved in it.

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